Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Monday Gratitude~{Past Due}

0032.  Flowers picked from the backyard, given to me after a not so great horrible day with the kids.
0033. "I love you much, Mommy" {Maleiah, 3 years old}
0034.  Candles
0035.  Options for medicine that don't include a bunch of things I can't pronounce.  The Vitamin Store lady who was SO helpful.
0036.  Tim McGraw {I kinda like him...}
0037.  Watching Maleiah lip sync to any's hilarious.
0038.  Listening to Caeden narrate a lesson back to Justin with more information than I even remembered.
0039.  "Read more!"
0040.  As always, my friends.  They are infinitely more than I ask for or imagine.
0041.  Fresh baked bread
0042.  Christmas music playing.
0043.  A clean counter, at least for a few hours.
0044.  Cooler days and nights that require quilts and snuggling.
0045.  A busy November for birthdays, life celebrated and remembered.
0046. Warm baked bread.
0047.  Organic fruit and veggies from a local farm waiting on my doorstep.
0048.  Bloggers who help us find a way...
0049.  A boy who is loving his backyard....finally
0050.  Hands that work hard every day to provide for our family.
0051.  A slower paced Christmas season than normal.
0052.  Kids in seperate rooms which means they go to sleep peacefully.
0053.  A brand new laminator. :)
0054.  Great books to read aloud.
0055.  God's Word, living and active.

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