Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Justin, Lily & Sam

Introducing our squirrel family.

Justin and Lily (named by Caeden a year ago, at least.) have lived in our backyard for some time.  We made a bird feeder that instead feeds the squirrels, the poor birds don't stand a chance.  We have spent a lot of time watching them chase each other playfully in the yard and tease our dog, Maisie.

A few months ago we noticed a squirrel, a smaller one with a thinner tail and realized we had a baby squirrel in the yard!  Justin and Lily (accurately named) had a baby!  Not knowing if it is a boy or girl we decided on Sam (Samantha or Samuel) and we have had so much fun feeding and watching this little guy (or girl).  Sam is a lot more adventurous than his parents.  He comes right up to our kitchen window looking for scraps, nuts, bread and looks at us in the window.  His parents stay in the tree, watching closely.

We made pine cone treats for the birds for Winter Solstice.  Laid out peanuts on the sill for our backyard family and sprinkled seed in the feeder.

Once again, the birds had no chance.  Sam buried all the nuts in the backyard, all over the backyard.  They don't bury them together, each goes into there own little hole.  Justin/Lily enjoyed the seed and the pine cones from which they hung upside down in order to eat from. The next day they had taken the pine cones down from the tree to finish them off and play with.

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