Monday, January 18, 2010

1000 Gifts

0076.  Kids in the kitchen
0077.  Foggy days
0078.  The Wizard of Oz
0079.  Story In A Bag from the library
0080.  Double sided tape
0081.  Goodwill-thanks for feeding the addiction, more books!
0082.  Worship music and a little girl singing, "Hosanna, in the highest!"
0083.  Breath
0084.  Ocean waves that bring me closer to the Creator.
0085.  New yarn
0086.  Friends to meet in coffee shops
0087.  Books about snow
0088.  Bonfires at Papa's
0089.  A good day with my dad.
0090.  Nature that comes right up to our window to say hello.
0091.  Oranges in season

For more gifts go here:

holy experience


Annesta said...

Being with dad...oh a great gift! I miss my dad so very much!
Thank you for a lovely list.

Jenny said...

Unfortunately my dad lives overseas...enjoy being close to him.