Monday, February 1, 2010

Bye-Bye TV Hour

For the last 7 days the kids have had no daily TV time and I cannot begin to tell you how great it has been!

Monday: "Let's not watch TV today." 
Tuesday:  "Let's try it another day."
Wednesday:  "Two whole days!  Let's go for three!"
Thursday:  "I can't believe it.  The kids are playing outside."
Friday:  "It's movie night!  The kids aren't even asking to watch TV!  They are playing outside, AGAIN!"

Movie night was a thrill, probably since they had had no TV shows of their own for 5 whole days.  It was easier than I thought and not so painful.  Our afternoons are the hardest for me and TV was really a way to get them occupied, quiet and give me some time to regroup but to be honest that wasn't happening.  I was worse.  
So I did decide to not be on the computer during school time.  Homeschool wasn't as pretty as I had hoped and I was really needing to change it or...well I don't know what OR would have been and I am glad to not find out.  But, the no TV and no computer helped A LOT!!!!  We did art, school was done early, the kids had a quiet time, we laughed, we didn't fight or cry and I was better, therefore we were all better.  
The best for me was on Friday when quiet time was over and Caeden shouted, "Come on Maleiah let's go outside and play!"  This is not something he ever says, especially with passion so this was HUGE for him and I think it's because there was no other option.  And there hadn't been one for days.  He played Star Wars.  She dug for worms.  Awesome.

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