Sunday, April 18, 2010

What's the Difference? Game

We have been putting along through Ancient Greek and Roman history, reading about Birds, watching birds and squirrels and getting through math successfully.

I feel like we have finally hit a rhythm in our schooling days.  Workboxes work for Caeden (he's a planner) but sometimes I just don't want to fill them because it just seems like busy work and other days I feel like it needs to be there.  Some days a pile of books on the table gets done faster so that works best that day.  We just started (went back to) having a circle time in the morning and the kids love it so it's a keeper.

Other days have been filled with this:
 Monkey watching at The Sacramento Zoo
 Playing together

Making rainbows
Finding rainbows.
 A first Push-Up!  Yum.
 A zoo treat.
 Reading, reading, reading...
Treasure map making.

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