Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's All About the Adventure


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A  Where we were.
B  Where I went.
C  Where I wanted to be.

You will notice that B is a lot farther than C which will bring you to the conclusion that we got lost.  Not only lost but then took the freeway that they charge you a toll to go on, even when you are lost and new to the area.  So in conclusion, I will not be leaving Katy for a week or so without a driver.  And the so-called "smartphone" is no help.  It's all it's fault.

The good news is, we prevailed and made it to the Hobby Lobby in south Katy (aka: Cinco Ranch) and we were able to get three more of Maleiah's knobs for her dresser with the last one on order.

It was a fun day!  We started with story time at the library where Maleiah mostly watched and sang songs but didn't want to participate "this week".  We went to lunch at Taco Cabana, kinda like a Jimboys but not as good.  :)  It was a very colorful place though so that made it fun for me.  :)

Maleiah and I played in the front yard even though today is a rather muggy day {she informed me in the car on our way home that she was melting.  I laughed, she has no clue what lays ahead.}.  We blew bubbles and drew pictures on the driveway with chalk.  We came home with arm loads of books and I got a cookbook...

I can't wait to try most of the recipes from this cookbook!!!



Sorry, the picture isn't very clear.  I am getting used to the new camera and I was a little afraid that it might jump at me.  Ick.

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