Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Surfside, Texas

We are beach people.  Justin surfs and I love the feel of sand between my toes and watching my littles {who aren't so little} frolic in the sea.  It's a "happy place" if you will.  We have plenty of these places filled with memories from California:

Mission Beach
Pismo Beach
Half Moon Bay

On Saturday we knew we needed it, so we piled in the car with beach buckets, treasure bags and some lunch and headed for the quickest beach fix we could find.  Surfside, Texas is an hour and a half from us and it is a small beach town.  The houses remind me of a trailer park on stilts but painted in the most delightful of colors so it makes it all better.  The homes are vacation homes and we can't wait to try one out.  I would have pictures but my camera battery died {epic fail!} so when we go back I will take picture of all those fun colors.  Maleiah liked the pink and purple houses; I loved the ones that were lined up in a row in bright colors, as if in rainbow formation.
We collected shells and watched as coquina clams dug there way back into the sand as the waves brought them up to our feet.  Caeden made a friend and they swam and buried each other in the sand.  Maleiah loved the water and Justin wished he had brought his surfboard, swore he would never leave it home again.    So we eagerly await our next trip, possibly this weekend or next, I really can't wait too much longer!

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