Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Lot of Random and Something Sparkly that Looks Like A Firework

I am FULLY aware that my firework pictures look more like sea urchins in the deep dark caverns of the sea.  But I keep trying every year and this is what happens....apparently I need to take a class, or stop taking pictures of fireworks.  
We had a quiet fourth of July this year.  Our friends here in Texas are all at a conference in Colorado.  We are semi-housesitting for one family and they have a pool, so guess where we have been for the last week?  Swimming until our arms feel like noodles and our toes are raw from the bottom of the pool.  It's been fun and I am beginning to re-think my ideas of "never" having a pool.  I live in Texas now and it's hot and muggy and really I am never outside because of said heat and mugginess.  BUT, I would spend a lot more time outside if I had a pool.  And it's good exercise~bonus!

We pretended we were the three ships that Columbus sailed to the New World (we just got done reading about this for History).  There were cannonballs, and there was "diving" (which by the way is the funniest thing to see Maleiah do right now).  There was floating practice and races to see who can get to the other side first.  All in all a fun time.

On a random note:

*Our dryer works so much better now that it doesn't have screws in the air duct.  Thanks Aaron for cleaning that out before the move!

*Maleiah is practicing her sounds like a mad woman.  Ask her the difference between a hard C and a soft C and the girl can tell you.  Pardon me for being impressed.

*We are discovering that while Caeden doesn't play a sport right now, or isn't part of a club that meets regularly or have what we thought was a justifiable "hobby" we have been proven wrong.  The kids loves Lego's, like lives and breathes them.  He builds stuff all day long and the other day we asked him what he loves about them and his response was that he likes to be able to see how the pieces all fit together and can make something really cool.  And so it's not a sport on a team but gosh, he loves it so it changed my thinking.  I actually got excited for thisthis or this (which I think is super cool!).

*I am gearing up for our school year, planning, making lists, putting items in the cart, removing items from the cart, reading reviews, asking my friends what they think and talking Justin's ear off about what he thinks, praying and looking at how far we have come, looking at any holes and finding ways to fill them up.  It's the best part of the year, awaiting the beginnings and fresh starts.  I am so excited to be adding Maleiah to our studies this year in an official way with her starting Kindergarten and she is so ready, a determined learner which will be a lot of fun to teach and a challenge I am sure to keep up with.

*I was reading this and as always her words slay me.
"When did I turn and miss that all the days are the destination?"
"Living slow never killed time like hurrying does; hurrying is what races fast, catches up and kills time. Who thinks that doesn’t wound eternity?" 
                                    ~Ann Voskamp, What's Needed When Embarking On Motherhood 

*The kids love getting donuts at Shipley's Donuts and here in Katy they have a drive-thru which means we can get donuts in our pajamas if we are so inclined.  That is fan-freaking-tastic.

Have a great week everybody!

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