Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Gratitudes

Counting thanks....

0141.  A pool to swim in.

0142.  New faces that are becoming friends.

0143.  Bob Books and the little girl that is reading them.

0144.  Steady work.

0145.  Gross bugs that we capture in jars and the books spread on the floor with little hands trying to figure out what we have caught.

0146.  Dollar theaters for Fun Friday's

0147.  Shells and more shells.

0148.  Beaches to explore.

0149.  A garden that is growing.

0150.  My parents calls on Skype.

0151.  Planning for a new school year.

0152.  Lego's for everyone!

0153.  Big fluffy clouds.

0154.  Walls to hang things on.

0155.  My sewing friends.

0156.  Sweet words from a best friend.

and for more thanks from others....

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