Monday, September 19, 2011

Twirling Ballerina: this is what my head
feels like most days.

We all wear hats.  These are mine:

  • Wife
  • Mother
  • Daughter
  • Friend
  • Teacher
  • Housekeeper (don't laugh.)
  • Cook
  • Nurse
  • Seamstress (a beginning one.)
and the list could go on.

With our move my hats have been so jumbled and I can't decide which one to wear at any one time.  I think I look like a crazy version of the Caps for Sale character and his encounter with all those monkeys.  On top of that I am suddenly opposed to clutter and not so sure how to combat it.  We are in, have been in a perpetual cycle of purging, simplifying and the saga continues.  But, where to start?  It's all in chaos and I was looking for a starting place and somehow a rabbit hole led me to this website, a place called Zen Habits and he has written an awesome list!  It's long and overwhelming and he gives a simplified version for those that can't look at all 72.  But I wanted it all so I started at number 1....

1.  Make a list of your top 4-5 important things. What’s most important to you? What do you value most? What 4-5 things do you most want to do in your life? Simplifying starts with these priorities, as you are trying to make room in your life so you have more time for these things.  

Leo Babauta, Zen Habits

 So I am not thinking about the garage and all the organizing that needs to be done (we have done enough for now), or the quilt that remains to be finished (it will be).  I am starting at the top, getting my goals down, the important things with which I can then base other choices on.  How awesome is that?  I have been making a weekly schedule so that the house stuff doesn't loom and a daily schedule so that we fit it all in, the important stuff.  The creating, the togetherness...the stuff that matters to me.  It all goes by so quickly and I don't want to miss it, and I already have so my goal is to miss less.

Right now I am sitting somewhere between four and eight on the list, working out tasks for the day, shredding my inbox down to a manageable size and trying so hard to limit my time on the computer.   I feel less overwhelmed, like I have a plan in front of me that will take me through the steps needed to get a grip on this thing called LIFE.  The last few years has taken a toll through unemployment, family health issues and now a huge move...I am trying to get my groove back, although I am not sure I possessed it to begin with.

Water fell from the sky!   So we needed to catch some, since it may be awhile before it happens again.
So thankful.

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