Monday, October 10, 2011

Turning Pages

I tried adding links to the books but blogger isn't working, sorry!

We haven't had a consistent read aloud time as a family for a long time and with the new school year starting and it has been so nice to enjoy a few good books together again.  Caeden's eyes have been wide as he asks, "Just one more chapter!  Please?"

We started the school year with a Little Pilgrim's Progress.  It was an amazing allegory of our Christian journey through life written at a child's level of understanding.  We all loved it!  

For our history we read The Sign of the Beaver, another great book that we were sad to see end.  It is set on the northeast coast and at the same time we were reading this we  were reading another book about the same time about Northwest Coast Native Americans.  It was a good opportunity to compare the different ways of life between the two coasts and the people that live there.

We are still trying to finish Milly-Molly-Mandy with Maleiah but she is enjoying our family read-alouds too.

Today we read a picture book called Roxaboxen that is now on my favorites list.  It reminded me of my childhood and my best friend in those days named Stacie.  We had wild imaginations and we probably had a town similar to Roxaboxen going at one time or another.  It made me want to build one in our backyard...and we might.  :)

Caeden is participating in the Boys Book Club through the local homeschool group.  The first book that they are reading is called The Wheel on the School and he really likes it.  The group meets twice a month and they discuss the book and then do a corresponding activity together.  If there is a movie that goes along with the book then they usually watch that to compare and contrast the two.  

We are going to be starting a few unit studies as we learn about the colonization of America.  I am so excited about entering this time in our history studies!  

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