Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I keep getting a certain request from some little people I know (not mine) that I need to post more frequently so I will give it my best. I feel like we have gotten into a bit of a routine, not as much new going on so I just have normal life stuff to share, projects and such so I hope that will be sufficient!


This morning we were running late to ballet and I forgot to brush my teeth.  I know, nastiness.  So I RAN into the house, brushed at warp speed and RAN back to the car. This is the song that was playing on the radio as we raced to ballet, singing along:

November was a busy month full of birthdays and gratitude...

Our first fire of the season.
1. Pumpkin patch   2. Autumn nature walk treasures  3. Tiny pumpkin

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I can't believe Caeden is 10.  He can't believe he scored on so many lego sets this year.  It keeps his hands busy, for that I am grateful.

Maleiah LOVES to help cook.  We made applesauce and apple pie filling with some apples from the co-op.  

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