Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Today I cleaned up my household notebook and recipe binder. I found an old binder in the garage and I am making it into an idea binder for holidays, vacations and home ideas. I will post some pictures when they are finished.

We are getting ready for a Chinese New Year Celebration here at the house in a little over a week. It's really just a reason to make some food and have some friends over. :) I love having get togethers and so I think I will celebrate just about anything this year!

It is sunny today which is so great! It reminds me of the beach...

Caeden is full of energy and Maleiah is busy, busy, busy. Life is good except fo all the debt....yuck!

Trying to get a grip on the finances and we keep getting sucked under. Hopefully it will start looking up.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Mandy. I hope that your financial problems get resolved soon. It is so hard on the soul to worry about money.

I like the new look on the blog.