Friday, February 1, 2008

Mild Speech Delay

Today Maleiah had an appointment for a rash she has and when I was there I talked to the pediatrician about her "mild speech delay" that they scribbled all over her charts at her 15 month appointment a few weeks ago.

In our home there is some frustration right now because Maleiah is doing a lot of grunting that we don't understand and so there is a definite communication barrier. She is a jabber jaws but there are no actual words and her comprehension is fine it's just the actual forming of words. So we introduced her to baby signs awhile ago and then we stopped right after her 15 month appointment. Now all she does is sign "please" for everything! LOL....

So this is what I have learned this week about developing her speech....

  • Keep up with the baby signs and we are adding more so that we can communicate better.

  • Tell Caeden to slow down when he talks because she is mimicking him and he is a fast, constant talker.

  • Play more! Yeah! I was told to do more play time such as having a tea party and trying to get her to copy me.

  • Get some Mozart...we have none. She listens to Bible songs during every nap and at night. Jesus is better than Mozart but I will see what I can find.

This is one of my favorite pictures of captures her perfectly.

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