Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Boy's Room

I have always wanted to go all out for the kids rooms and it seems as though we always made a good attempt but it never was a finished product.  So, before we moved here I new we would have a rather neutral backdrop and I started making plans for the rooms.  For Caeden's room we picked an explorer/beach.  We didn't want to commit to too much because interests change but we felt like these themes kind of ran into each other and connect interests that we also have as a family.  It flowed.

I love the use of maps in bedrooms but we can't afford a wall mural so we are improvising, making this idea our own.

I loved this bedding from Pottery Barn and it will grow with Caeden no matter what his room can eventually turn into.

Before we moved, my friend Amanda toted her kids and my kids to her dads shop and they painted Caeden's bunk bed and dresser.  The kids loved it {it was like a dream come true for Maleiah} and it made a memory.


As it comes together I will post more!

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Chrissie Love said...

Love it! I can't wait to see how it turns out :) I finally hung our huge map in the boys' room, but I still haven't framed it :D