Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Relocation Tips-Just for Kicks

I am no professional mover, believe me.  If you had been with me while unpacking you would have been so confused.  Most boxes were marked random because when you are packing but living in the house at the same time it all doesn't go in at the same time.  It would start with a theme, like, bedroom and then I would get to the top of the box and have a bunch of room.  So, then I would go for a walk around the house and look for the perfect thing to fit at the top of that box or in a little nook and cranny.  Often times it was a drawer from the desk or some random things from the kitchen.  Here are how a lot of our conversations have gone:
J: Where are the supports for the bed?
M: In a box.
J: Where are the towels/sheets/silverware/telephone?
M: In a box.  I can't tell you which one because the label means nothing really.  I checked KITCHEN but really it could be the sheets!

So, like I said I learned a lot from this move.  Number one being I would very much like to not have to pack anything if we do it again.  But let's not.

Here are a few things I did learn, or things that I could not do without that helped me and might help someone else out there.

  1. Lots o' boxes.  Go to Home Depot every week and buy more because you are always out of the size you need
  2. Scotch Brand Tape and a tape dispenser.  The generic stuff comes off and you will cry when your favorite dishes go crashing to the floor.  
  3. Permanent Markers.  More than one, especially if you share your house with anyone remotely crafty you won't be able to find it when you need it.  This comes with experience, buy a couple, maybe three.
  4. More boxes.  Again, if there is a crafty person they may need to build forts, buses, fairy houses, mouse houses, rat houses.  Provide more markers and also promise that when you get to your new house they can build the biggest castle ever with all the empty boxes.  
  5. Family and Friends.  You need these like the air you breathe.  They provide a voice of wisdom when you can't decide what to pack next.  They also can provide you with a drink every now and then.  ;)
  6. Redbox.  If you have kids and the drive is long and you have a laptop/DVD player then stop at a Redbox, they are nationwide and you can return your selections in New Mexico even if you rented it in California…AH-MAZING!
  7. ABF.  For a long distance move we made the best choice in selecting ABF Freight.  Every one of their customer service representatives and drivers has been exceptional!  They were funny, they were helpful, they were just plain awesome! From beginning to end this was the best choice for long distance moving, hands down.

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