Thursday, May 5, 2011

We started back to school this week and it has been so awesome to get back to some normalcy.  We started out the week with a science experiment from our Swimming Creatures book (I love this, love, love...).  We have been reading about whales, dolphins, sea lions, seals and walruses.  Our experiment was to see how blubber keeps these sea creatures warm.  On one hand Caeden put two latex gloves on and on the other hand he also put two latex gloves on except that in between the two gloves was a lot of Vaseline to act as a layer of blubber. He only made it 30 seconds longer on the "blubber" hand but he did say that right away it was warmer.  We didn't have a lot of Vaseline and I am sure if we had used the recommended amount (1-2 inches thick!) the results would have turned out differently.  In the end it was worth the slippery mess, Caeden loves science and loves the experiments.
Also for science, we finally made an ocean box!  The instructions were to cover a box in blue paper but I thought painting it blue would be more fun and Maleiah could participate more.  After each lesson, of which we have already had 2, we will make a sea creature that we have learned about and add it to the box.  In the end, we will have a sea creature diorama.

And there was writing, fractions and lots of reading.  We have backed up a bit in our studies of the Middle Ages and I love the book we are using for that too.  We went to the preschool park day through our homeschooling group and there are a lot of kids, boys and girls of all ages so both of the kids are making friends.  I like the moms at the group, they are friendly and a few of them sew which makes me feel like I may find a place to fit.  Tonight I am going to meet some other moms from the same group for dessert at Fuddruckers here in Katy.  Never been before, but I am looking forward to both: a new place and new people.

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